You Change Taranaki

How to Get Rich

We all want to get rich right?! But how do we get rich? There are a few things you need to consider before aiming to achieve this which is covered in this blog. There are some basic areas you need to get right in order to build your wealth and get rich. It is really […]

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Spending Money

Giving yourself dedicated spending money will help you achieve your goals faster. Setting yourself Spending Money or Pocket Money as an adult may feel a little like going back to being a child. Stop and think about the reason why a child is given “Pocket Money” It is to help them learn the value and […]

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She’ll be right attitude?? Wrong!!

Our Kiwi “She’ll be right attitude” is hurting us in our back pocket. We are over confident with our finances and under prepared for difficult times. The YouChange mission is to change the way New Zealanders talk and feel about their money situation. New Zealanders typically do not have meaningful, honest conversations about money. But […]

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