A budget should feel empowering, not restrictive.

A good Budget is the key to financial success


A really common concern people have when they start their journey with YouChange is that “they will have to stop spending money”


This couldn’t be further from the truth.


The most common feedback I quickly receive from clients is that “they can now spend guilt free and enjoy spending so much more”


It is really common for people to feel like they shouldn’t be spending money – but they do anyway. This creates a negative emotion around money.

I am talking people who earn hundreds of thousands a year saying to me – “I felt so good going to a café and eating out because I knew that the money I had was to be used for whatever I wanted”

We think that people who earn less have feelings of restrictions or guilt around spending – this is not the case. A lot of people experience this even though they are earning huge income. A budget can help you feel empowered about what you are spending your money on.


At YouChange what we aim to achieve is the perfect balance in your finances, to ensure that you are making good progress towards your goals, making financial improvements while still spending money on the things you love.


Yes, there will be times that it is necessary to make some sacrifices in order to move forward, but sacrifice is short lived if you have the right plan and structure in place.


Improvement to your finances can take time. Remember you didn’t get to where you are now overnight, which means you are not going to get to where you want to be overnight.

With a good plan, accurate budget and the right structure in place, you will quickly see you are heading in the right direction towards where you want to be.


When we hear the word BUDGET, we often think – restrictions, going without, low quality products, saying no.

We want to change the way people think about this term.


A budget is simply telling your money where to go and being in control of that. It is making a clear plan on where your income will be directed. Doing a budget correctly will mean that you can allocate money to all aspects of your life and you can continue to adjust this according to your goals and priorities.

You cannot set a budget and expect that it will stay the same and keep working for you. You need to continue to improve and adapt it.


Some common budgeting mistakes I see:


  1. Not allocating all money. If you leave any money out of a budget, it can sit in no mans land and can actually confuse what you are trying to do. A budget should make everything super clear and should use every dollar you earn.
  2. Not sticking with it 100%. There is really no value in creating a budget unless you are actually going to use it.
  3. Not allowing for future expenses. This is really common, we put money aside for our day to day needs, but we don’t think about those monthly, quarterly or annual expenses that come up. Then when they do it derails our whole plan and we think the budget hasn’t worked.
  4. Not creating the right account structure alongside a budget. This is crucialyou’re your accounts are not well set up to support your budget you are highly likely to slip away from using it.
  5. Not allocating accurate amounts for expenses. Do you actually know how much you are currently spending? It’s really important to know how much you are spending, to ensure you allocate an accurate amount within your budget so that you are not leaving yourself short.



Creating a budget, is not for everyone. Sticking to it on your own is also not for everyone.


YouChange can create a personalised budget for you and then help you implement the changes, hold you accountable to sticking with it and make the adjustments as needed.

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