What do I need to do to prepare for our first session?

Absolutely nothing. At our initial consultation we will chat about lots of different areas of your finances so we can have a good understanding on where are on your journey, hear your goals and then from there we can ensure your plan is tailored specifically for you. After our first meeting, we will ask you to send through some information.

Do I need to pay for the full 12 months up front?

You have the choice to make the payment for services up front as a lump sum or as a payment plan which can align with your payday.
If you decide to pay upfront for your plan and coaching then it does come at a discounted rate.
Payment plans are only available for the 12 month program. The one off plan and 3 month plan are payable as one lump sum.

Who needs to attend these sessions?

If you are sharing finances in anyway with someone else, then you both need to attend all sessions.
Even if your finances are not completely combined with your partner, if you are both working towards the same financial goals it is important that both parties are there to ensure that your financial plan reflects each person individually as well as a couple

Are these meetings during business hours?

We aim to work within your schedule to ensure that you will stay consistent and be able to always make our sessions.
If it suits you to be within business hours then we will work with that but if you need it to be outside business hours we are also able to meet with you outside of this, subject to availability.
Each month we schedule in our visits to make sure it suits what’s going on in your current schedule.

How long are the appointments?

Our initial consultation normally takes around 90 minutes so that we can make sure we have captured all the relevant information. From there our sessions will take around 60 minutes.

Where do these meetings take place?

We will come to you, wherever you are most comfortable. It can be at your home, your office or we can meet in a café. Or we can conduct all meetings online virtually. Our first few check ins are done face to face and then we move to virtual check ins from there. We can meet in New Plymouth, Stratford, Hawera or virtually.

What is a Financial Planner or Financial Coach?

A Financial Planner/coach is someone who is there to help you achieve your financial goals. A Financial planner and coach will work with you to create a personalised plan that helps you to manage your budget and achieve your financial goals. A financial planner/coach will help you to manage your day to day money and stick with a budget to build better money habits.

What is the difference between a Financial Advisor and a Financial Planner?

A Financial Advisor is someone who is qualified to give personalised advise on investing money, insurance, Kiwisaver, retirement and any other financial services. A Financial Advisor can give you specific advise on how to manage your wealth and what financial products or services you should be purchasing. Refer to the above question or our blog Financial Advisor or Financial Planner

Where is YouChange based?

YouChange Financial Planning and Coaching can service Taranaki Wide face to face. If you are in New Plymouth, Inglewood, Waitara, Stratford or Hawera we can meet you for your Financial Planning consultation. Outside of Taranaki we can complete Financial Planning and Financial Coaching virtually