Personal Financial Plans

Your path to financial freedom

We develop 100% personalised financial plans with your unique circumstances and aspirations in mind, aiming to provide you with a financial roadmap that not only addresses your current situation but also moves you towards financial freedom and helps you achieve your long-term financial goals.

Paying off credit card debt

How we work

We're dedicated to making sure every part of your plan backs up your journey towards financial success. Each piece of advice we give is tailored just for you, matching your personal goals and where you are financially. It's all about helping you move forward, step by step.

Step One: Consultation Call

Step Two: Financial Plan Creation

Step Three: Implementation

"Working with Min made us realise really quickly that little small changes actually had a really big impact we've been able to make progress steady, progress towards the goals and I feel like we're on a long term track to get there."


You Change financial coaching and planning

Financial Refresh

This one-off plan is designed for clients who already have their finances in order and are working towards their goals but feel they could be doing better. It's an ideal choice for individuals with no debt or those well on their way to paying off their mortgage. The Financial Refresh Plan offers a comprehensive review and fine-tuning of your financial strategy to ensure you're on the most efficient path to success.

You Change financial coaching and planning

Financial Sprint

The Financial Sprint Plan is a 3-month program tailored for clients with short-term goals they aim to achieve within the next 3-6 months. Whether you're looking to eliminate a small amount of debt, planning to purchase a home soon, or needing some accountability to improve your financial habits, this plan provides focused, rapid guidance to propel you towards your objectives.

You Change financial coaching and planning

Financial Foundations

The Financial Foundations Plan is a 12-month commitment designed for individuals aspiring to own their first home, repay higher levels of consumer debt, or for property owners seeking to build wealth and become mortgage-free. This plan offers sustained support and accountability, helping you establish strong financial habits and a solid foundation for a prosperous future.

Your financial goals, achieved one step at a time.

Walking on the journey to financial success is a path not easy to navigate, but with a personalized plan that's as unique as your aspirations, we can turn those goals into reality, one step at a time.

We know how each journey is unique, requiring a personalized strategy made meticulously to align with where you're at right now, your lifestyle, and the future you envision. And that's where we step in - crafting a tailor-made blueprint that guides you in navigating the complexities of financial planning, investments, and building even the small financial habits that move you closer to achieving what you have in mind with confidence and clarity.